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Penhaligon's Portraits Perfume Set (4×30ml)

Penhaligon's Portraits Perfume Set (4×30ml)

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Inside The Box: 

×1 Penhaligon's Portraits The Revenge of Lady Blanche 

×1 Penhaligon's Portraits The Tragedy of Lord George

×1 Penhaligon's Portraits The Bewitching Yasmine

×1 Penhaligon's Portraits Clandestine Clara


Penhaligon's Portraits Perfume Set is a collection of exquisitely crafted fragrances that evoke a sense of aristocratic charm and intrigue. Inspired by the captivating characters and stories of the British aristocracy, this perfume set offers a unique olfactory experience that transports you to the opulent world of grand manor houses and distinguished personalities.

Each fragrance in the Portraits Perfume Set is meticulously designed to reflect the complex personalities and rich narratives associated with the characters it represents. The scents are expertly blended using the finest ingredients, resulting in a luxurious and memorable sensory journey.

The set typically includes several miniature bottles of perfume, each showcasing a distinct fragrance from the Penhaligon's Portraits collection. These fragrances are housed in elegant, ornate packaging that reflects the brand's attention to detail and commitment to timeless elegance.

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